About Us 

Radical Hope

El Rancho De La Vida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with substance use disorder. We believe that every individual is a human being, who has value, and whose success in recovery is best achieved by treating the whole person.

We believe no one should profit from human suffering. 


Our Vision

El Rancho De La Vida imagines a world where anyone struggling with addiction can have hope, a pathway to recovery, and realization of their vast human potential.

Our Mission

We provide safe spaces for those standing up to addiction by providing tools, avenues to recovery, and by supporting and inspiring the human spirit. 

Our Values


We are a nonprofit organization because we strongly believe that we should not profit from people’s suffering, and accordingly, we believe in helping every person in need regardless of their ability to pay.

Radical hope

We believe that all people can gain hope in overcoming their addiction, no matter what stage, no matter what station in life. Radical hope means that anyone can reclaim their life.

Intrinsic dignity

We believe that all human beings have intrinsic dignity, and we strive to help people to re-discover their inherent worth and realize their vast human potential.

Universal imperfection

We believe that everyone is imperfect to some degree and we envision an end to the stigma which has served as a barrier to recovery.